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Sporting Events

Have a look at some of the sporting activities we have taken part in this term.

Match Report 'Holy Trinity V's Glenfall'

              0-7 Win to Holy Trinity

The first half wasn't the most exciting half but there was still some good chances and good saves. Holy Trinity struggled to keep control of the ball down the steep slope but they still managed to get a few decent shots on goal 0-0 at half time. 

Trinity started to switch on in the second half. In the first 5 minutes Holy Trinity's centre (Harry Ineson) scored a superb hat trick!!. Holy Trinity kept pressurising the Glenfall defense and managed another 2 goals both from Archie. Minutes later Harry put a brilliant cross into the box and Henri kicked first time over the keeper and into the top corner. Russell managed to make the scoreline 0-7 with a great finish from inside the box. Toby was excellent in goal. - James was awarded 'man of the match' for brilliant tackles, great passes and great strength holding off Glenfall .

Well done to all who took part.