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“A village school
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Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School

Year 1


              Mrs Amy Hewson              Mrs Ally Griffiths              Mrs Lynda Britton

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Our teacher is Mrs Hewson and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Griffiths. 

Our topic this term is....

We are looking forward to a very exciting term and learning all about 'Space'

Class Information for parents...

Welcome to Year One


If you need to speak to me about your child or have any concerns, issues or queries, I can have a quick chat with you most mornings between 8.30 and 8.45, or send a note into school with your child. If you feel you may need longer, please see me to arrange an appointment after school or email the office on admin@holytrinity.gloucs.sch.uk


Children read twice a week in a group and once a week individually. They read to volunteers or Mrs Griffiths who is the class Teaching Assistant. We do remind parents that if you have listened to your child read, please do comment in their reading record book so we are able to move your child on to the next book. We encourage your child to read at home daily for enjoyment and to re-enforce their reading skills in order for your child to grow in confidence. Please encourage your child to remember their reading wallet on the day that they read in school. This can be found in their Reading Record Book.

Word Book

Some children will continue with these from Reception – these are high frequency words or sometime called ‘sight words’. These words form part of the 100 high frequency words Year One children are expected to read by sight. Children take their word book home to practise with their family – these words are also learned in school and once we feel a child is confident in these words, they will have some more words to go home with.


At the beginning of Autumn Term 2, once your child has settled into Year 1, we will start to send homework home. This work will consolidate what the children have been learning at school. We alternate the homework weekly between Maths and English. We also occasionally send home work home related to our topic. Homework will be given out weekly on a Friday. Your child has until the following Friday to complete their homework. Please do make sure they record all their homework in pencil.


Year 1 have a list of 50 words they need to be able to spell by the end of Year 1. Once the children have settled into Year 1, at the start of Autumn Term 2, we will test the children on these spellings and start to send home words to practise at home. They will also practise these spellings daily in school. The spellings are learnt in four week blocks each term.


Our school rule is ‘Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself’. We encourage children to make ‘good choices’ at all times and give lots of praise and encouragement when we see this, however on the occasions when this does not happen we will give the child a verbal warning. If they continue to make ‘bad choices’ we will give an immediate sanction such as time out or a missed playtime.

Water Bottles

In Year One, children bring their water bottles into school each day and go home with them so they can be washed out and filled with fresh water. They don’t need to have a school water bottle – any clear drinking bottle is suitable. Please make sure their name is on it and their bottle for the classroom must be filled with water only.

Book Bags

Your child needs to bring a school book bag with them every day as they have their own drawer in which to store it in. In Year One, your child is responsible for putting letters, homework, reading bags, etc. into their book bags. We do encourage that children in Year One use a school book bag for this reason. Larger bags that need to be put on their peg take up a lot of space in our very small cloakroom area in the corridor and important letters and homework are often left in their drawer and not taken home. I have also asked the children to keep any keyrings and other decorations attached to the handle of their book bags to once only so that there is room to put it in the drawer.

Show & Tell

Year One do love bringing in things from home to share with the rest of the class! If your child would like to bring in something related to our topic we encourage this and it can be kept on our ‘Interest Table’ for children to view. If your child has other special items that they would like to talk about, or if they have some special news to share, then we will have some dedicated time for this on a Friday afternoon. I would encourage any belongings or special things that your child would like to share to only be brought in on the Friday morning.


Year One PE sessions are on Monday afternoon. Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school. This includes NAMEDhouse t-shirt, black or navy shorts (or joggers in the winter), socks and pumps. Children take their PE kits home every half term to be washed so please do check then that everything still fits and is named! Thank you.


Please make sure your child’s jumper is named. There is an ongoing problem with children loosing jumpers so it helps hugely if the jumpers are named. Also please regularly check that the name is still visible as markers do tend to fade in the wash and sticky name labels can fall off.

Volunteer Helpers

We are always grateful for any adults who would like to come into class and help, whether it be grandparents, parents or friends of the school. It is a fantastic way to keep in touch with your child’s learning and children are very proud to have their family members help in school! If you are able to give up your time (whether it be an hour, a morning, a one off occasion or helping walk the children to special events) then please let Mrs Hewson know. We would be very grateful. You will need to complete a DBS Police Check form which are available in the office.




10th Jan

Group A

17th Jan

Group B

24th Jan

Group A

31st Jan

Group B

7th Feb

                                               Group A

14th Feb

Group B

28th Feb Group A
7th March Group B
14th March NO SESSION
21st March NO SESSION
28th March NO SESSION

Year one Forest school sessions will be on a THURSDAY afternoon. If you are unsure if it is your childs week for Forest school please send them in with their clothes anyway.

What do we wear at Forest School