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African Art Silhouette

You will need:

• Thick A3/A4 paper (lining paper works well)

• Yellow, red and orange paint

• Brushes and palettes for mixing

• Black card or sugar paper

• Scissors

• Glue


  1. Using yellow and red paint. Paint a thick, yellow stripe horizontally onto the bottom of the paper. You will only need a small amount of red paint on your brush to mix into the yellow.
  2. Paint the next stripe of orange paint. Gradually add more red into the yellow and each time paint a horizontal stripe onto the paper until you have created a sunset!
  3. Leave to dry.
  4. Either you can cut out one of the animal silhouettes provided (see PDF) or you could draw and create your own animal silhouettes using black card or sugar paper. By looking on the internet to make, an Animal stencils. Print out an animal picture from the Internet and draw around it. Remember to draw attention to the basic outline of the animal without any facial features.
  5. When the sunset is dry, attach the silhouettes with glue. You could add mountains, trees, water or even people if you wanted to.

This activity can also work well using pastels and use shading and blending the pastels with your fingers to get different shades. The silhouettes could be made using charcoal.