“We want all our children to experience success and enjoy their learning whilst at school.”


At Holy Trinity C of E Primary School, we follow the expectations of the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework (2020) and the 2014 National Curriculum.


At Holy Trinity C of E Primary School, we endeavour to build a rich and broad curriculum for all our pupils. As a school, we are aware that all children are different and we want to build on their experiences and prior knowledge to develop it further. Therefore, by developing a rich and broad curriculum, we are enabling our pupils to access all areas of learning, whilst developing creative learners who are both resilient and are prepared for Secondary School and beyond. Therefore, by the end of Key Stage 2, we want all children to have been - encouraged to learn, so that they can know more, remember more and understand more.

Holy Trinity Curriculum Policy 2020

The Curriculum Intent:


Intention 1: To create an engaging curriculum that builds on prior knowledge.

To enable children to know more, remember more and understand more, as set out in the National Curriculum, so children can fulfil their full potential academically, physically and artistically.


Intention 2: Develop behaviours and habits in becoming effective learners.

To develop the behaviours learners need to succeed through our core values of: Respect, Responsibility, Compassion, Courage, Forgiveness and Truthfulness.


Intention 3: Develop individual characters, in order to prepare them for life in the modern world, in a diverse and ever changing community.

To understand what it means to be a British Citizen, or someone from another country who lives in Britain. To be aware of the rule of law, tolerance and being mutually respectful whilst understanding what it means to live in a democracy and to have individual liberty. To experience cultural capital and use this to make links across their learning.

Here are the topics covered

EYFS - In Reception we use the interests of the children or current events to structure the topics covered across the year.  

Key Stage 1 - In Year 1 and 2 the topics are covered on a two year rolling programme. 

Autumn 1

All Aboard

Autumn 2

Journey to Moscow

Spring 1

Spring 2

Pole to Pole

Summer 1

Summer 2

Beware of Rocks!

Across the Drawbridge


A Walk in the woods

A Journey to Space

Key Stage 2 - below are the yearly topics


Awesome Egyptians


Stars and Stripes


The Stone Age

Year 3

Year 4


The Vikings

The Victorians

Year 5

Out of Africa


Hail Caesar!

Year 6

Great Explorers

The Marvellous Mayans

The Great Wars