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Design Technology

At Holy Trinity, we encourage and enable our children to become innovative and inspirational designers! We develop their designing and making skills by supporting their technical knowledge and their understanding of processes and techniques. Our children are shown ways in which they can plan and evaluate their products as well as develop, investigate and communicate their ideas.

Across the key stages, our children develop the ability to create high-quality products as well as understand about the modern world and how we live and work within it. Over time, they become more adept with transferring subject skills such as Maths, Science, Art and Computing to support their planning, designing, making and evaluating process.

The children also develop their Cooking and Nutritional knowledge and understanding through Design and Technology. Children learn where food comes from and how it is grown. They develop their understanding of food processes and food groups. All year groups develop skills in food preparation and use a wide range of ingredients to support planning, designing and making healthy recipes. From Year One upwards, the children attend a cookery workshop every year at the Waitrose Food Studio.

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