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Vision and Values

A church school community aspiring
for all to live life to the full.


Where Community means:

·    encourage children to see themselves as part of, and contributing to, society and the environment

·    Involving all groups directly (eg staff, governors, children & parents) and indirectly (eg local businesses, charities and residents) related to school in its activities and decision making

·    Inviting visitors, and outreach - visit places

·    use the school as a learning environment for children, parents and staff

·    teach the core Christian values of tolerance and respect explicitly through RE and implicitly through our own expectations and example

Where Aspiring means:

·    wanting the best for our children and families

·    expect children to do their best.

·    value pre-school education and aim for leavers to be well prepared for KS3 and beyond.

·    lead by example and set ourselves high expectations in order that we may ask the same of our children.

·    provide a safe and stimulating environment that motivates children to work and learn.

·    provide challenge and  support when responding to children’s learning needs.

·    value each child as an individual with a potential unique to him or herself.

·    enable each child to experience success and to manage difficulties.

·    teach children how to learn.

·    provide opportunities and experiences that enable all to think about future possibilities and raise ambitions


Where 'Life to the full' means:

·    getting involved in a broad range of experiences and activities (in and out of school)

·    applying skills, knowledge and understanding to actively participate

·    having resilience to overcome difficulties to achieve ambitions


As a Voluntary Controlled School, there is a strong Christian foundation reflected in the Instrument of Government which refers back to the original Trust Deed:

‘The ethos of our school is underpinned by core Christian values which by

experience and example provide a basis for life-long learning.’

Our school’s distinctive Christian character contributes to the academic achievements, personal development and well-being of all learners. Core Christian values underpin every aspect of school life and are deeply embedded in the life of the school.


We have six core Christian values that we follow through the year, as a focus for each half-term, as well as providing reference points with which to promote our school vision and the qualities that we aspire to see:


  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Compassion

  • Courage

  • Forgiveness

  • Truthfulness


British Values

Alongside our school's Christian values, we promote the five British values of:

  • Democracy

  • Rule of law

  • Individual liberty

  • Mutual respect

  • Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

At Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School, we endeavour to enable every child to become a rounded citizen, able to contribute to their community and aspiring to live life to the full. Alongside the provision that all children receive to meet their academic needs, the activities listed in the document below focus on enabling the development of the whole child;  the child who has - amongst many other things - a developing moral conscience, the ability to discriminate between right and wrong, a willingness to take an active part in their community, a desire to comprehend and respect the differences between different cultures, religions and beliefs, an understanding of the importance of equality and an empathy for all living things.  This provision is met through the SMSC and FBV curriculums as well as additional activities provided by the school.

Whereas coverage of the SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural) Curriculum is implicit in much of school life, delivery of the FBV (Fundamental British Values) Curriculum is generally more explicit.  Both are evident in the coverage detailed in this document. Please note:  Examples of additional links to the SMSC curriculum are listed in the linked three overviews.  The school's Scheme of Work for FBV is also accessed via the given link below.


Autumn Term SMSC Overview

Spring Term SMSC Overview

Summer Term SMSC Overview

Fundamental British Values, Scheme of Work.

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