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Our page will be full of all the exciting experiences from your child's first year at school! You will also find important information about Reception, our current topics and useful website links. 

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We are now settled into school life and are continuing to understanding the behavioural expectations of being in school. In Reception our topics are influenced by a range of factors; child interest / suggestions, celebrations from around the world and school based events. Our topics are planned to ensure that we have balanced cross – curricular learning. This term the children decided they wanted to learn about Superheroes. We started by reading 'Supertato' and we are now moving onto thinking about real life superheroes such as; Paramedics, Firefighters and Police Officers. 

Curriculum Information 

Thank you for supporting Balanceability this year. The programme was very successful and the children gained confidence which translated into their classroom based work. They are now able to use a balance bike effectively and most children could use the pedal bike with limited support. 

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Reception have a weekly Forest School session on a Monday - information about the start date will be sent out. 

Forest School allows the children to explore the natural world in a safe environment and develop the confidence to challenge themselves. We use our Forest School sessions to enhance our curriculum with a focus on the Characteristics of Effective Learning.



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