Before & After School Care

We are now offering a Breakfast club before school (from 8.00am until the start of the school day).  After School Club will be available the end of the school day until 5.00pm only.  Note this recent change to the end time due to staffing.


Children attending the club will have a variety of activities and games to enjoy that will enable them to have fun and develop their social skills.  There will also be either breakfast or a light healthy snack available.


To register please click the following link to complete registration forms - Registration & Agreement Form

We have registered with the Childcare Voucher scheme, click here to see current schemes. If your company uses a different scheme, please let us know so we can register with them to support you.

All enquiries should be sent via email to  or phone/text:  07548592989  

Please note, the email and phone will only be monitored during the Clubs opening times.

Booking Forms - Autumn 2

Before & After School Club
Please use the links to booking forms below (also on the school website).  Any queries can be sent via:
•    Email: 
•    Telephone/Text:  07548 592989 (Note – this phone is only monitored during the hours the club is operating)

Booking Forms
Click on the weeks below to access the booking forms for weeks beginning:
Monday 1st November (Note - note open on Monday)
Monday 8th November
Monday 15th November
Monday 22nd November
Monday 29th November
Monday 6th December
Monday 13th December

Note - you will need to complete a separate booking form depending on which class your child is in, and you will need to complete a separate booking form for each child if you have more than one that wants to attend.

Key points to be aware of:

  1. During the COVID-19 pandemic, children at Breakfast club will not be in the same 'bubbles' as their class group during the day.  However, we have planned to keep children to a 'key stage' bubble to minimise any impact or spread of the virus.

  2. All bookings need to be made via the online booking system by Friday 12.00 noon of the week directly before the sessions are required.

  3. After this, any last minute bookings during the week, will need to be made via email or mobile phone (answer phone or text message) request.  NOTE – no bookings can be made less than 48 hours in advance.  This is to be able to arrange appropriate supervision ratios, as well as be able to communicate confirmation or rejection of the request.

  4. All cancellations need to be made in advance – at least by 12.00 noon on the Friday of the previous week that the booked session is being cancelled.

  5. The childcare voucher schemes will eventually identify Before and After clubs as one, rather than separate clubs.  This should make it simpler for funds to be paid in one transaction if children attend both clubs.