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Extra - Curricular Clubs


At Holy Trinity, we provide a very wide range of sporting activities both in school time and also as part of our extensive extra-curriculum provision. Despite being a centre-of-town school, we are fortunate enough to have a field which is used throughout the year. The younger pupils enjoy the bikes, trikes and scooters as well as out Adventure Trail, allowing children make the most of outdoor play opportunities.

Extra - Curricular PE

In addition to PE taught within the curriculum, a wide range of activities takes place both at lunchtime and after school. Extra-curricular activities on offer vary depending upon the time of year; they include a fundamental skills club for younger children, school football, girls’ football, street dance, netball, cross-country, cricket and rounders. Close links with Cheltenham Town Football club provide an opportunity for expert football coaching, and frequent use is made of specialist coaches during lesson time, for example, in the teaching of cricket, tennis, hockey and dance.

Matches are often held against other schools and we regularly participate in sporting tournaments and festivals, such as: football, rugby and cross-country. 

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