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Our School Vision for Mathematics


  • Children at Holy Trinity have an enjoyment of and enthusiasm for mathematics and, as they move through the school – from the very early days in Reception to the final days in Year 6 – they receive a seamless and progressive diet of provision enabling them to become both confident and competent when working mathematically


  • Children are provided with a securely embedded academic approach of concrete, pictorial, abstract where each new mathematical concept is taught with understanding and reasoning at the forefront


  • Concrete - the children ‘see’ the numbers and problems through manipulation of apparatus such as Dienes, place value counters, etc.

  • Pictorial – the children develop their understanding through use of images on the screen and on paper

  • Abstract – the children apply their understanding through formal, written calculations


  • A golden thread of reasoning and problem solving throughout all lessons, builds up children’s mathematical understanding as well as their stamina and resilience


  • A consistency in the use of subject-specific vocabulary across the school aids and supports children’s understanding


  • The acquisition of both arithmetical and reasoning skills enables children confidently to apply understanding across the curriculum, for example to use multiplication when working on equivalent fractions


  • Regular assessments inform planning, allowing teachers to provide opportunities to address misconceptions in understanding as well as opportunities to gain greater confidence and fluency, particularly with arithmetical skills

Maths Curriculum for EYFS and KS1

Screenshot 2022-11-06 at 18.39.56.png

Maths Curriculum for KS2

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