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'A church school community aspiring for all to live life to the full'


Our School Vision for Science


  • Children at Holy Trinity have an enthusiasm for the world around them and the science that underpins this.  Children are empowered to act, think and undertake learning as a scientist might to ensure that learning is purposeful and engaging


  • Children will  be provided with a ‘hand’s on’ enquiry-based curriculum where they will experience the joy of having wonderful ideas, exploration and investigation  - that is, the joy of finding out


  • Children are provided with a stimulating science curriculum that nurtures children’s natural curiosity and their on-going intellectual development


  • There is accurate and timely assessment of how well pupils develop their understanding of science concepts, and their skills in analysis and interpretation so that teaching can be responded to and extend pupils’ learning


  • There is a whole school ethos of understanding and caring for the world around us and an understanding of our responsibility towards both the immediate and the wider environment and community


  • Our school grounds are used as a rich resource which we can utilise to inspire and effectively meet the requirements of the EYFS Framework and National Curriculum Programmes of Study

Working Scientifically 

At Holy Trinity Science is based around these essential enquiry skills in order  to develop children’s knowledge, understanding and skills. Children are taught to identify questions that can and cannot be investigated.

areas of science.png

EYFS and Key Stage 1 Science Overview

Science Overview KS1.png

Key Stage 2 Overview

Science Overview KS2.png

Holy Trinity Science Curriculum Map

Please click on the icon below to find out more about what each class is learning in Science throughout the year!

Science Ambassadors

Science Ambassadors have an important role at Holy Trinity in raising the profile of Science, engaging students (and staff!) in extra-curricular science activities across the school and home community, supporting teachers in lessons, sharing their enthusiasm for Science and getting the whole school buzzing about Science! 


Our Science Ambassadors run our Science Bugs Club with the Reception children and help to plan exciting Science activities.  They also help teachers organise Science resources in lessons and feedback to the School Science Leader about their learning in lessons.  Other roles include organising our annual Great Bug Hunt and form the judging panel on the Royal Society Young People's Book Prize.

Science Websites

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National Oak Academy.PNG
WOW Science.PNG
Woodland Trust.PNG
Edinburgh Zoo.PNG
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Science Sparks.PNG
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