Welcome to Year 2

Mrs Matthews, Mrs Meeuwissen-True and Mrs Britton love working in Year 2.  They are always full of enthusiasm and fun and get great pleasure from helping all their children achieve their very best. Our website page will show the exciting adventures of Year 2 as well as important information.

Spring Term

Pole to Pole Y2.jpg

On Thursday 6th January, Year 2 launched their new topic, Pole to Pole.  During a busy morning, the children made their own clay penguins.  It was quite fiddly but a remarkable amount of perseverance was demonstrated by all!  


Journey to Moscow and Beyond Topic - Autumn Term 2, 2021


On Monday 22nd November, the Year 2 children took part in a Russian themed Art Day. 

They learned about that great abstract artist, Wassily Kandinsky, and then everyone got stuck in to make their own concentric circle using the wet felting technique.  It needed a lot of muscle power and was lots of fun!

After lunch, the children looked at more work by Kandinsky and then used permanent marker pens and watercolours to create their own, small, abstract work of art.  

Kandinsky Display.jpg

Lots of us think of Baboushka dolls when we think of Russia and many of the children have brought their own sets into school.  

The week after the Year 2 Art Day, the children made their own Baboushka dolls from clay.  It was quite tricky but the results are excellent.  

Baboushka dolls 1.jpg
Baboushka dolls .jpg